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Cash Cow: Business In A Box



Business in a BOX (Turnkey business solutions).

Software Your Way - Free Quote.

This is a turnkey business solution. Whatever your idea, product, or service, we will create and manage it.

We first develop your website and Mobile app for your product or service. We then integrate one of our Software packages to control the Product or service. Whether you are a Landscaper or a Doctor, we have a software solution for you.

Then we provide management of your website, application, and software. We can provide computer and technical support too.

Next we market your business and provide hours of support services like graphic design.

And finally, we provide reports to help you see and navigate to your success.

Highlights of this Product:

  1. Information System
    • Web Site
    • Mobile App
    • Information System Management Software
  2. Information Systems Management
    • IT Managed Service
    • Application Managed Service
    • IT Help Desk
  3. Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • General Marketing
  4. Support Services
    • Graphic Design and Printing
    • Tracking phone numbers + Web hosting
    • Videography and Photography Services
  5. Analytics and Business Intelligence
    • Daily transactional data reporting (Website usage, Social Media Usage, Lead summary…)
    • Target Reporting against company goals
    • Trend Analysis and Business intelligence. Where to find clients and what to do to increase sales.