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Is your Social media marketing working? How to track your social media efforts.

Is your Social media marketing working? How to track your social media efforts.
You are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linked in,… you are all over on social media. But is it working? You want to be popular and not getting enough traffic? What you should be doing.
Before you can do well, you need to figure out if you are doing the right things. Well, What is the right thing? You need to know that before you start any marketing campaign. Do you want $$$ or likes, or engagements, web traffic,…
Once you figure out what your goals are, you need to be tracking the right metrics. These metrics are your window to see the results that your effort is producing. Without metrics you cannot effectively manage your efforts/marketing $$$ investment. These metrics can assist you with setting realistic goals and allow you to make a plan to achieve them. Also, these metrics will let you know your trajectory/path you are taking.


  1. Track Number of goal item (new fans, money, engagements, link clicks, shares, likes, …) on a regular basis. Not just total count. Break it down by Daily, weekly. Monthly,… compare data. For example this week against last week. You want to be growing faster. Have a higher growth rate. Also, Keep track of your competition’s growth rate. You want to be growing faster month over month. Example, if you have $500 in sales this month, then next month you should have more than $500. This way you can grow exponentially aucasinosonline and have huge success. Growth rate is a good measure of success. You do not want to go backwards. If so, check your content, engagements, links, or strategy. Also, check your competitors growth rate. You want your Competition’s growth rate to be slower than yours. Ask us at for a free social media review so you see where you are.
  2. Track your Engagement rate, comments, likes, retweeting… it lets you know if you are/are not building a thriving community that would let you go viral. Try to respond to comments also. You want loyal followers. Respond to them.
  3. How much content are you pushing out there, pieces status updates. Can be industry things. Pushing content multiple times per day is ideal.
By following the metrics, you will know if you are doing well and if not you can fix quickly. Eventually you will be successful. When you just start off, you will not see much sales or traffic, the metrics will let you know if you are going in the right direction.

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